Welcome to HGS Labs!

Welcome to the playground maintained by the tech consulting team at Hickory Ground Solutions. Here we highlight some of our client work (the ones we can show!), publish hacks that we find, and talk shop.

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For the record, here is what we do...

Tech Strategy

  • Looking for data transparency?
  • Thinking about what cloud is and is not?
  • Got tons of data? (read: #bigdata)
  • Thinking about building a platform for your agency's apps?
  • Need help with your SOA and API strategy?
  • Trying to determine best way to use and deploy mobile?
  • Need help figuring out what that new buzzword highlighted in CIO or FCW magazine means?
  • Wondering how social fits into the picture?

App Development

  • Looking to build a new web capability to make your service, agency, or department more effective or efficient?
  • Looking to deploy mobile applications to your workforce or partners?
  • Looking at building capabilties that function and are responsive across multiple platforms?
  • Does your user base want your enterprise apps to have the same user experience (UX) they see on consumer sites today?
  • Want something delivered in weeks vs. months and years?

ERP Implementation

  • Excited about the end-to-end ERP processes you witnessed in the slick Oracle or SAP demo?
  • Need help understanding how those processes match your current business processes - and want to know where the gaps are?
  • Ready to implement but looking for the right partner who knows the tools but doesn't need an army of people to do it?
  • Already live but now need help supporting and evolving your implementation?

Help Desk / Ops

  • Struggling to manage all of your desktops, servers, networks, and mobile devices in a cost effective way?
  • Need help managing support across multiple geographic locations and/or time zones?
  • Tired of end-users blaming IT all the time?
  • Need help managing that new custom application you just deployed?
  • Is device profileration making your support processes crumble?

Let our technology experts (who still know how to sling code) help you cut through the buzzwords and prepare an actionable architecture and path forward so you can get back delivering value to your end users.

Leveraging those agile development processes you keep hearing about (yes, a buzzword), let our team of developers take you from idea -> mock-up -> build and deploy faster than you can get that server up and running.

Let our ERP implementation team help you make sense of the hype and get your implementation moving in the right direction - leaner and faster than the other guys.

Let our customer service obsessed team of support professionals help you get control of your local and remote operations and start making your users smile.